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"In the Audubon Tradition"

The The Susan Kathleen Black Foundation presents
“In the Tradition of Audubon 200th Anniversary Exhibit & Sale” at the Cincinnati Museum Center, Cincinnati, OH.

In 1819 the Cincinnati Museum hired John James Audubon to travel North America to paint its wide variety of birds and animals.

This is an invitational only show presenting works from the world's best wildlife artists in honor of the pioneering work of Audubon.

The art sizes range from very large to very tiny.

I am proud to be included in this elite group. Below are my miniature painting selected as part of this tribute to John James Audubon.


Fishing in the Shadows Sharing the Pond Rocky Shoreline

Shallow Water Fishing Out on a Limb Resting on a Leg

For Love of a Bluebird Sunset Through Rosy Wings

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