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"Backyard in the City Series"

The tiny miniatures on this page are all based on the animals and birds that have been visiting my backyard. I set out many feeders and branches for them to rest on and set out lawn sculptures for them to play around. It has been great fun watching them interact with each other and their environment.

The oriental style letters that appear on some of the miniatures come from a variety of sources. Some are just marks, some are from a Chinese restaurant menu, some are actual Chinese words, as best as I can make them, and some are English, just written in a vertical manner.

I hope you enjoy viewing these teeny, tiny, little bitty miniatures as much as I enjoyed painting them. I have not put prices on most of these paintings as a great many have been sold as soon as they were sent to Seaside Art Gallery, Nags Head, NC.

Bunny in the Garden c Female Goldfinch Dining c Male Goldfinch Dining c Female Cardinal on Limb c Hovering Hummer with Bee Balm III c Hovering Hummer with Bee Balm IV c Hovering Hummer with Zinnia II c House Finch Family c Goldfinch's Pink Zinnia Perch c House Finch in Rain Shower c Hovering Hummer with Bee Balm I c Hovering Hummer with Bee Balm II c Juvenile Ruby Throat c Leaf Nibbler c Mourning Dove on Branch c Rain Shower on Male Goldfinch c Sunshine on Female Goldfinch c Squirrel by Shell Feeder c Squirrel on Pedestal c Garden Bunnies c Hovering Hummer with Bee Balm V c Hovering Hummer with Bee Balm III c The Squirrel Hat c Hovering Hummer with Zinnia I c Many Blossoms and Birds c In the Garden I c In the Garden III c In the Garden IV c Leaves of Autumn c Squirrel on Lopeared Sculpture c Squirrel Perched on Duck Sculpture c Bunny with Blue Watering Can c

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