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The American Miniature Artists is an informal organization of miniature artists who have agreed that the modern miniature is art that is 25 square inches or less and 1/6th scale or less rendered in a detailed manner with minimum paint texture. Subjects that are naturally tiny, as long as the feel of the painting is detailed and tiny, it is considered a miniature. Other works are considered small works of art. Various gallery shows and competitions have specific requirements for their exhibitions.

Bev and Orca Cartoon

At this time only two organizations qualify for the requirements to be judged and invited to become a Signature Member of the Miniature Artists of America, they are the Miniature Art Society of Florida and the Miniature Painters, Sculptors and Gravers Society of Washington D.C. The miniaturist must have art accepted into four exhibitions in both organizations in five years, win awards and then must be juried by a panel of Signature Members. If a majority of the panel approves, the artist is invited to join and extended the privilege to use the initials MAA after their signature on a painting. This organization has an international membership.

The Society of Animal Artists requires 5 paintings to be submitted for judging by a jury of Signature Members. If approved the artist then becomes an Associate Member. Any Associate must submit 5 more paintings for judging to be invited to become a Signature Member. As a Signature Member the artist is entitled to use the designation SAA after their signature on a painting. In both cases I submitted miniatures to the Judges who normally see very large pieces of art. I was gratified to see my miniature art accepted into this prestigious organization with an international membership.

Bev in Studio for Mast in Min booklet
Bev at the easel
I hope you have enjoyed my latest art,
and my adventuresome cartoon characters made while I was visiting the
San Diego Zoo, CA (Tiger) and Sea World, FL (Orca)
The Swan Logo is a stipple pen and ink drawing from a photo taken by Ira Abbott while on a trip to Alaska.

Artist's Statement

"The creation of art has been a life long passion with me. I immerse myself in painting for hours on end. I enjoy all aspects of the process from gathering resource material, to planning the composition and coloring, to building the many layers of paint, and to the meeting of people who enjoy viewing art. Through the years I have used many mediums, styles, and subject matter. For most of my career the natural world has been the inspiration for my art using a style I call soft realism. I use a complex color palette blending the colors and edges while giving the focus of the painting the maximum detail. I pay close attention to the composition and light in a work. Oil paint is my preferred medium for the rich jewel-like colors and the soft buttery feel. I find painting miniatures to be addictive and I am always anticipating the next composition, striving to give each miniature that elusive wow factor. The substrata, I use for the miniature paintings, is Ivorine, a man-made substitute for Ivory. It is smooth, slick, and transparent allowing great detail. When the oil paint is applied thinly the light will bounce through the layers giving the illusion the paint is glowing." Bev

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