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1. A Day at the Beach 2. A Day at the Beach 3. A Day at the Beach 4. A Day at the Beach

“A Day at the Beach” Oil on Ivorine 6” x 4”

Tiger Drinking at Pool Tiger Drinking at Pool a Tiger by the Cascades.IMG Tiger by the Cascades a.IMG

“Tiger by the Cascades” Oil on Ivorine 6” x 4”

1. The first image exposes the initial sketch and the first layer of oil paint on the upper half of the miniature, with careful attention paid to the muscle contours and stripes, while the background weeds are impressionistic.

2. The second image illustrates the first layer of paint on the whole miniature once again paying close attention to the flow of the water.

3. The third image begins to refine all elements of the miniature and adds detail.

4. The fourth image illustrates the finished miniature oil painting with highlights in the cascades defined, the black stripes refined with individual hairs at the edges, and all other elements blended and detailed to a harmonious blending.

Between each layer, I sand the dried paint to give me a smooth surface to work the next layer. In traditional miniatures a texture to the paint is not desired. The texture of the elements must come from the skill of the artist depicting the fur, stone, wetness, etc. The painting surface I use is Ivorine and is smooth, slick, and translucent. Because it is smooth and slick, it requires special handling techniques and is capable of great detail as well as soft impressionism when needed. The translucency allows light to pass through where the paint is applied thinly and bounces back to the viewer giving the paint the illusion it is glowing. A much thinner layer of this material is used to make ping pong balls.

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